How To Get Mega Rayquaza in Pokemon Go: Meteorites, Moves (2024)

If you are thrilled to know How To Get Mega Rayquaza in Pokemon Go. So in this article we will discuss in details about this. Pokemon Go Fest 2023 will throw fans a few fresh curveballs, but Mega Rayquaza might be the most intimidating. Here’s how Pokemon players can acquire the fabled Dragon.

Mega Rayquaza’s past is a convoluted one. Prior to its brief reign of terror being put to an end by a ban, the Mega version of the legendary Dragon, which was initially made available in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, was a tremendous force in the competitive scene.

How To Get Mega Rayquaza in Pokemon Go

Mega Rayquaza will soon arrive in Pokemon Go. Mega Rayquaza will be available to Pokemon Go users at Go Fest 2023, but there are certain restrictions.

How to get Mega Rayquaza in Go Fest 2023

During the 2023 Pokemon Go Fest, Mega Rayquaza can be acquired. At the tournaments in London, New York, and Osaka, Rayquaza will make his debut.Mega Rayquaza will make an appearance during the live events in each of those three cities during raids that take place at specific times.

Anyone can take on Mega Rayquaza, but only Go Fest ticket holders will be able to provide Rayquaza with Mega Energy. Other people might try to catch Mega Rayquaza on August 27 during the Go Fest international event.

How to evolve Mega Rayquaza in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go users must teach Rayquaza the Dragon Ascent move, which is the Dragon type Pokemon’s characteristic move, in order for it to evolve into Mega Rayquaza. This evolution of Rayquaza into Mega Rayquaza in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is strikingly similar to this one.

Rayquaza can learn the Charged Attack Dragon Ascent with meteorites. A meteorite will be given to people who complete a Special Research Task during the Global event as well as those who have tickets to Go Fest in London, New York, and Osaka.

What are the bonuses of Pokemon Go Mega Rayquaza?

There are many goodies included with Mega Rayquaza. One is that the more times it undergoes a mega evolution, the higher its Mega Level will be. Catching Flying, Dragon, or Psychic-type Pokemon will result in more XP, Candy, and a higher chance of Candy XL while Rayquaza has Mega Evolved.

Finally, Mega Rayquaza offers advantages during combat. The attacks of Trainers’ Pokemon challenging the same region in a Gym or Raid Battle will cause more damage. Those moves will do even more damage if they are Flying, Dragon, or Psychic in nature.

On August 4, the Pokemon Go Fest 2023 will get underway. The events in London, Osaka, and New York will take place between August 4 and 6 and August 18 to 20 respectively. On August 27, there will be a global Pokemon Go Fest.

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